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I can help you if you are time poor.

I can help you if you are not proficient in using the internet- Google, Bing

I can help you if you have just started a new firm and need a research assistant but cannot afford to hire a large research company.


baaam search is a one woman show.

Hi, I'm A.T.

For as long as I can remember I have been helping those around me research the best deals, locate products they once loved but could not find anymore, and search for things that they needed but did not have the time, patience, or ability to find.

Problem Solving is something I love to do. Over time, I have taken on many challenges, big and small. I have helped family members, friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and local businesses which I frequented as a customer.

I researched for them, designed for them, and analysed and negotiated on their behalf.

Recently I decided to put my skills to use for the wider public-YOU.

I have seen so many people who need things done but who are not familiar with the internet or are physically incapable to do the leg work.

I have also seen the stress experienced by many when they need to find something but time restricts them. 

I have a degree in marketing and management but my skills expand beyond my educational qualifications. I love to help people and nothing is too great a challenge for me. No problem is unfixable. 

So,  let me assist you in fixing yours!

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